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2022-07-10 v0.5.9

  • CHANGE: upgraded inih
  • CHANGE: refactored build files

2021-12-18 v0.5.8

  • FEATURE: Python 3.10 support

2021-08-24 v0.5.7

  • FIX: print file-permissions and inodes correctly on big-endian systems
  • CHANGE: renamed blacklist to ignore-list
  • CHANGE: upgraded inih
  • CHANGE: upgraded libdatatypes
  • FIX: support multiple Python versions in Makefile

2020-12-20 v0.5.6

  • FEATURE: Python 3.9 support

2020-05-01 v0.5.5

  • FEATURE: Python 3.8 support

2019-11-24 v0.5.4

  • FEATURE: alternative comparison operators
  • FEATURE: support single quote as opener/closer
  • FIX: print error message if search aborts due to syntax error
  • CHANGE: upgraded inih

2019-07-07 v0.5.3

  • FEATURE: new format fields (X & N)
  • CHANGE: upgraded inih

2019-03-15 v0.5.2

  • FEATURE: --exec option
  • FIX: handle invalid encoded EFIND_EXTENSION_PATH environment variable properly
  • CHANGE: switched to libdatatypes v0.3.2

2018-12-20 v0.5.1

  • FIX: handle Python string arguments with invalid encoding
  • FIX: import Python functions without additional arguments
  • FIX: don't initialize textdomain twice
  • FIX: handle --limit=0 option correctly
  • CHANGE: use pkg-config instead of python3-config

2018-11-26 v0.5.0 (James Cook)

  • FEATURE: switch to Python 3
  • CHANGE: upgraded libdatatypes
  • CHANGE: upgraded inih
  • FIX: handle potential string truncations
  • FIX: better log messages

2018-06-21 v0.4.2

  • CHANGE: switched to libdatatypes v0.3.0

2018-03-04 v0.4.1

  • FEATURE: load settings from configuration files
  • FEATURE: --skip & --limit options
  • CHANGE: renamed --disable-log-colors option to --log-color
  • CHANGE: optional boolean arguments for --follow & --quote options
  • FIX: memory leak when specifying multiple expressions with --expr option
  • FIX: don't add same starting-point twice when using -d option

2017-12-23 - version 0.4.0 (Magellan)

  • FEATURE: support multiple starting points/search paths
  • FEATURE: allow user-friendly field names in expressions and sort strings (e.g. "%{path}" instead of "%p")
  • FEATURE: new test suite
  • CHANGE: search extensions in /usr/lib/efind instead of /etc/efind
  • CHANGE: renamed --list-extensions option to --print-extensions
  • CHANGE: renamed --show-blacklist option to --print-blacklist
  • CHANGE: don't abort import of extensions if a single import fails
  • CHANGE: enable colored log messages by default
  • CHANGE: the fields %a, %c and %t print the timestamp in seconds
  • FIX: recognize regex and iregex attributes
  • FIX: allow filter functions as first function argument (e.g. "foo(bar(1, 2), 3)")
  • FIX: always return error code if "find" child process fails
  • FIX: integer overflow on x86 when calculating sparseness of files greater than 2G

2017-10-31 - version 0.3.1

  • FEATURE: not-operator
  • FEATURE: search additional extensions in directories specified in EFIND_EXTENSION_PATH variable

2017-08-15 - version 0.3.0 (Leif Erikson)

  • FEATURE: --order-by option
  • FEATURE: GNU gettext support
  • FEATURE: German translation

2017-07-16 - version 0.2.2

  • FEATURE: --show-blacklist option to print blacklisted extensions
  • CHANGE: replaced libavcall with libffi

2017-07-04 - version 0.2.1

  • FEATURE: --log-level option to enable logging with different verbosities
  • FEATURE: --enable-log-color option to print colored log messages
  • FEATURE: "empty" flag to test if a regular file or directory is empty
  • FEATURE: "filesystem" property to test the filesystem a file is on
  • CHANGE: renamed --maxdepth option to --max-depth
  • FIX: initialize all getline() parameters properly when reading from standard input

2017-06-24 - version 0.2.0 (Jean Malaurie)

  • FEATURE: Python 2 support for extensions
  • FEATURE: regular expression support (regex & iregex attribute)
  • FEATURE: added --printf option
  • FEATURE: increased maximum allowed expression length

2017-05-13 - version 0.1.1

  • FEATURE: blacklist support (make it possible to exclude extensions from being loaded)
  • FIX: don't import same module twice

2017-05-06 - version 0.1.0 (Belzoni)

  • first release